14 May 2015

Three weeks ago I called you in a panic as my tenants by accident broke the floor of their bathroom shower stall. To make things worst, it was the end of their UC year and they were getting ready to find subleters and move out for the summer. We needed the repair done immediately. Your professionalism and efficiency were admirable. You had your crew here the next morning, they were clean, efficient and thorough in doing the demolishing. When I was unable to purchase a shower floor pan, which would’ve been a two week awaiting period, you took the initiative to get your tile expert to come the next day and make the shower pan with mortar and a pan liner. Your plumber came the next day to adjust the height of the shower head and in the next two days you and your worker stayed until 9 pm so that we could have the shower completely tiled and finished in one week. You did it and my tenants were able to sublet their unit.

Your company is such a treat to work with, I have already recommended you to some of my patients and without any hesitation will always recommend you company to others. On many occasions you have been an absolute a life saver for my house. Thank you so much!

Sylvia S.
Berkeley, CA

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